Renovation of public area

The architectural study was launched in the context of the ecological upgrade of the area and the utilization of the concepts of recycling and energy saving. Parking spaces are created and the accessibility of residents and visitors is enhanced by the design of traffic and pedestrian zones, the facilitation of pedestrian and AMK traffic and the smoother possible movement of wheeled vehicles.

The design proposal aimed to create attractions - recreation areas for different age groups. A theater was created in combination with a liquid element and a play area with safe paving materials. The plantings frame the open-air theater and create slopes with a smooth slope, isolating it visually and acoustically from the surrounding streets.

Εικονίδιο Επαληθεύτηκε από την κοινότητα
The activity groups depending on the use show differentiation in the flooring materials, thus emphasizing a relationship between use and material.

Εικονίδιο Επαληθεύτηκε από την κοινότητα
The materials used are recyclable or natural materials and the goal was to preserve the existing planting as well as the bioclimatic plant design.

Εικονίδιο Επαληθεύτηκε από την κοινότητα

Facts & Figures

Miladeza, municipality of Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni, Attica
Renovation of public area
Total surface
3.469,49 sq.m.
Building blocks
G320 & G323

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